A Million Reasons to Read A MILLION WORLDS WITH YOU

Looking to binge read a time traveling, romance infused, space bending sci-fi trilogy? Then you need to check out the Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray! The series are already on sale and available in both bookshelf-worthy-hardcover and perfectly-easy-to-read-paperback!

But first, here are a million (ok not really because we could BE HERE ALL DAY PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT BOOKS if we never limited ourselves) a few reasons to read this incredibly series!


A million few reasons to read this series:

1.) Pretty books are pretty. These are some of the most gorgeous book jackets I have ever seen. I mean look at these!!! Your shelf needs them – NOW. (Just look at those pretty GIFs above!)

2.) Dramatic entrances and exits. These characters don’t just leave the room, they leave the dimension, time traveling to other parallel universes like futuristic London and Tsarist Russia.

3.) Hi, ROMANCE. Is this sounding too science fiction-y to you? Don’t fret – there is some heart wrenching, tear jerking star-crossed lovers romance that will entice even the most cold hearted readers. And c’mon, how romantic are those titles?!

4.) Shady AF people with hidden agendas: The fate of the universe is at stake and you don’t know who to trust. My heart can’t handle the suspense!

5.) Literary elements for you book snobs. I know you’re out there, book snobs, quietly judging beloved books with a smirk. Not convinced? Know that this series has been described as Cloud Atlas meets Orphan Black. *adds to TBR list* Booklist even said This unique science fiction adventure is full of twists, turns, and surprises.” So yeah, there’s that.

6.) Action abound. Death? Fights? Betrayal? Vengeance? Uhm, YES! All this and more occur in the chase through alternate universes.

7.) Cliffhangers: Cliffhangers in books are the worrrrrrst but they are the absolute besssssst when you can immediately pick up the next book and find out what happens! The ending of Ten Thousand Skies Above You will definitely leave you frantically wanting book 3 to find out what happens!

8.) Binge read the entire trilogy at once. No waiting – repeat, NO WAITING – to enjoy all three books. All three books A Thousand Pieces of YouTen Thousand Skies Above You, and A Million Worlds With You are available now!