26 Tiny Things I Do To Help My Anxiety (Even When I Feel Like I’m Dying)

1. A good book.

2. Kpop dance cover videos.

3. Texting an old friend

4. Jumping jacks.

5. Valium.

6. A nap.

7. A good cry.

8. A long walk.

9. Making my bed.

10. Cleaning my entire house.

11. Listening to Mad Soul Child.

12. Pinterest.

13. Turning off all the lights and closing my eyes.

14. Writing.

15. Texting my siblings.

16. Snapchat(lol).

17. A hug from my niece.

18. A cold shower.

19. Telling myself it’s just anxiety.

20. Telling myself that thoughts are just thoughts.

21. Telling myself I’m not crazy.

22. Biting my nails.

23. Playing my PS4.

24. Shopping for random shit on amazon.

25. Writing about how I’m feeling.

26. Writing this.